Triangle 각(角)
3 channel video

*List of Video Clips:
-Video Clip#1: Triangle-Ant 각(角)-개미_13min 13sec_2016
-Video Clip#2: Triangle-Guy 각(角)-남자_13min 13sec_2016
-Video Clip#3: Triangle-Voyager 1 각(角)-보이저1호_9min 35sec_2016

*Cast: Seo Bohyung

2016 Wrap Around the Time, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, S.Korea

Triangle 각(角), 2016

installation viewinstallation view      Video Clip#1: Ant(13min 13sec)    Video Clip#2: Guy(13min 13sec)    Video Clip#3: Voyager 1(9min 35sec)