Letter from the Netherworld
published by Künstlerhaus Bethanien
text by Federica Bueti, RYU Biho
designed by SHIN Dokho
publicaction date:June 2018
english, B3, softcover, 62 pages
isbn: 978-3-941230-71-2
sale network: Künstlerhaus Bethanien

published by Daegu Art Factory
publication date: December 2016

korean, 170x240 mm(B5), softcover, 140 pages

isbn:979-11-957670-3-8 03600

In My Sky at Twilight
 : RYU Biho
published by Sungkok Art Museum

text by MIN Byungjic, YU Jaewon
edited & designed by SHIN Dokho
publication date: December 2015

korean and english, 182x257 mm(B5), softcover, 540 pages

isbn: 978-89-962626-0-2 93620

The Politics in the Method of Describing History: Ryubiho and His Landscape
published by Arko Art Center, Arts Council Korea
text by LEE Taek-Gwang
edited by LEE Youngjoo
publication date: November 2013
korean and english, 153x210 mm, softcover, 86 pages
isbn: 978-89-6583-039-9 94600

twin peaks
text by YOON Youngkyu
edited & designed by SHIN Dokho
press: press kit press
publication date: March 2012
korean and english, 295x420 mm, paperback, 68 pages
isbn: 978-89-94663-31-9 96650

Flexible Landscape
press: workroom
text by YANG Jiwoon, LEE Chooyoung
edited & designed by workroom
publication date: August 2010
korean and english, 147x210 mm, softcover, 100 pages
isbn: 978-89-94207-02-5 04600
sale network: workroom