INTERPENETRATION: time travel crossed the folded space 원방각: 접힌 공간을 가로지르는 시간여행
at Nam June Paik Art Center(Yongin, S.Korea, 2016)

*the List of Works:
-Circle 원(圓)_5 channel video(9min 6sec)_2016
-Square 방(方)_4 channel video(7min 58sec)_2016
-Triangle 각(角)_3 channel video (13min 13sec, 9min 35sec, 13min 13sec)_2016


2016 Wrap Around the Time, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, S.Korea

This is produced and presented in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the death of Nam June Paik, to pay tribute to his work on the three elements. Monitors which are arranged to form the shapes of circle, square and angle show the images explaining the symbolic meanings of each shape.

백남준 선생의 삼원소 작업에 대한 경의로 선생님 추모 10주기년에 제작발표. 모니터로 원방각 형태를 구성하고 각 도형이 지닌 상징 의미를 영상으로 표현한 작업.

INTERPENETRATION: time travel across the folded space 원방각: 접힌 공간을 가로지르는 시간여행, 2016